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May 27, 2024

Ghana Chocolate Hub

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About Ag-Innovate
We are an agric-focused team that identifies, communicates, harnesses and creates
value for the agricultural industry through knowledge sharing, industry enhancing and
collaborative action by leveraging the power of others through thought leadership and
community promotion. We specialize in tailored capacity building and business
facilitation for actors along the agricultural value chain. .
About The Cocoa Entrepreneurship Program (CEP)
The Cocoa Entrepreneurship Program (CEP) is a four-month accelerator program aimed
at boosting the growth of high potential artisanal chocolate producers/manufacturers in
the Ghanaian cocoa value-chain.
The maiden edition of the program will have a niche focus on chocolate and will select 5
businesses as beneficiaries. The program will combine a mix of 1-on-1 business
diagnostics with capacity-building workshops, practical implementation drives and
reviews to ensure participants complete the program with visible growth in revenue,
customer base, internal structures and are investor-ready.
Key Objectives / Goals
The program has four primary objectives:

  • Help improve, test and validate business models of selected businesses.
  • Facilitate market entry and initial traction.
  • Support in building internal structures and investor readiness.
  • Help initiate market entry and facilitate joint venture partnership with
    international sponsor
    Business Selection Criteria
    The program will work with existing producers that have been operating for more than
    one (1) year and have demonstrated a potential for high growth and viability with the
    following specific characteristics:
  1. Must have been operating for more than one (1) year. .
  2. Must have a product or a prototype product.
  3. Must demonstrate market activity or have at least 1 client.
  4. Must have at least 2 team members.
    The program’s curriculum is structured to ensure support is tailored and businesses are
    given the support they need the most. The curriculum helps achieve this by first focusing
    on identifying the key problem areas, helping build a strategy and then shifting into an
    implementation phase coupled with evaluation sessions to ensure continuous
    Below are the key modules that will be run in the four months of the program:
  • Module 1: Business Diagnostics and Market Research
  • Module 2: Traction (Marketing & Sales) Campaign
  • Module 3: Investor Readiness
  • Module 4: Investor Linkage and Market Entry
    Program package
    The maiden edition of the Cocoa Entrepreneurship Program will offer participants the
    following benefits and opportunities:
    Joint Venture partnership with Arctic Kultasuklaa Oy
    Participating businesses will receive Mentorship from a leading chocolate
    manufacturer in Finland throughout the program. At the end of the cycle, the
    most viable business would have the opportunity to enter into a growth and
    expansion joint venture partnership with the chocolate manufacturer.
  • Advisory Skills and development
  • Marketing Support
  • Infrastructure Support

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