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June 15, 2024

Ghana Chocolate Hub

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Credit: GEPA

Everybody loves chocolate and I’m pretty sure you do too. Indeed, according to Tom Hanks, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”.

Chocolate has been so popular with people worldwide since the late 19th century and is consumed by many patrons on a daily basis.

The obvious fact is that, chocolate, irrespective of the flavour it delivers, will always bring joy to both the young and the old and no matter how special the occasion, this special treat will never disappoint.

Made in Ghana Chocolates have consistently become chocolates of choice over the years due to their premium Ghana cocoa content and the excellent creativity of Ghana’s Chocolate makers, conventional and artisanal. In this article, we bring you some of Ghana’s favourite chocolate flavours and we trust that it will add a unique touch to your celebrations this year.

Kamini Dark Chocolate

The New Kamini Dark Chocolate is available on this special occasion to make chocolate lovers excited and extremely grateful for the joy of life. This unique 70% Kamini Dark Chocolate comes with options like cocoa Nibs, Sea Salt and Pure Dark Cocoa.

If you love dark Ghanaian chocolates made with some of the world’s best cocoa, then don’t hesitate to get one from Kamini Chocolates for your daily and occasional consumption. To buy Kamini Chocolates, visit

Kabi Chocolate

With the guaranteed backing of the chocolate lady of Ghana, Decokraft, makers of Kabi Chocolates has always delivered to chocolate lovers with a plus. On this special occasion, as you search for a befitting gift pack for your loved ones, do not forget to surprise them with a sweet message made with Ghana’s premium cocoa to the world. This is a perfect time to spark up their mood. To purchase your Kabi Chocolate, visit .

FairAfric Chocolates

If you are looking for a chocolate with a great farmer impact on this special occasion, then look no further from fairafric. With their exceptional conventional bean to bar and beautifully crafted artisanal chocolates, made by some hardworking young people from the Amanase Chocolate School, fairafric chocolates is well positioned to make the celebration a memorable one for you. A delicious 92% Dark Chocolate coupled with other Tiger Nut, Almond and salt flavoured chocolates from this solar powered African chocolate maker will marvel you. Take a Bite today!! Visit

Chocoluv Chocolates

Give a cute but a delectable gift this occasion with a Chocoluv Chocolate made with Ghana’s uniquely processed premium cocoa.

This Chocoluv gift box comes with a special mix of sweet milky chocolates in different shapes for your consumption and for your gifting purposes. Chocoluv also has a range of Ghana made chocolate products which comes in a variety of flavours to meet your individual, family and corporate need.

Chocoluv chocolates are just a phone call/email away. Visit for more.

Cocobytes Chocolates

Cocobytes Tasty Chocolate chips come in a variety of forms, including dark, white and milk chocolate chips. With its beautifully designed packaging, your children will love it and if you are looking for a great gift for someone special on during this celebration, cocobytes chocolate chips will surely come in handy. Get in touch with Cocobytes Chocolates today for your package and your family and friends will be so thrilled you did. Visit Chocolatemall for more


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