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July 10, 2024

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Kamini Dark Chocolate

Having a healthy relationship with food is important for your body. Creating a balanced relationship with dark chocolate, in particular, may have a significantly positive impact on your overall health. Dark chocolate is made up of cocoa solids and cocoa butter without any added milk solids.

Dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants. Among the most beneficial is a flavonol called epicatechin. Flavonols are compounds found in plants that fight inflammation and protect against cell damage caused by free radicals.

Studies have shown that the antioxidants in dark chocolate have the potential to lower blood pressure. They are also effective in increasing blood circulation to the heart, thus lowering the risks of stroke and coronary heart disease.

Also, regular consumption of dark chocolate helps one to feel relaxed. This is so because dark chocolate is effective against the stress hormone: cortisol. Since stress is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, chocolate in general is a friend to the heart.

Again, dark chocolate helps to prevent the immune system from going into overdrive as well as reduces oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a state of imbalance caused by cells fighting against free radicals and is a common cause of many diseases.

Furthermore, dark chocolate helps to combat diabetes. Epicatechin protects cells, making them stronger, as well as supports the processes that ensure the effective use of insulin by the body.

Though research is ongoing on the impact eating chocolate has on the brain, it is proven that the flavonols in dark chocolate increase blood flow to the brain. The result is an improved brain function, which includes better reaction time and stronger memory.

Dark chocolate helps to boost athletic performance. The epicatechin in dark chocolate increases the production of nitric oxide in the blood. This supports circulation and reduces the amount of oxygen an athlete uses while engaged in intense exercises. Therefore, an athlete who consumes dark chocolate regularly can maintain workout intensity for longer.

With its health-boosting compounds and micronutrients, coupled with the pleasure it brings, consider dark chocolate in your diet, if it’s not a part of it already.


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