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May 27, 2024

Ghana Chocolate Hub

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Cocoa Use



Cocoa is basically a plant from which chocolates are made. When bitter chocolate is produced by pinning and squeezing roasted cocoa seeds between hot waves, cocoa powder is formed by pressing the fat, in form of cocoa butter, from bitter chocolate and pounding the remaining material. On the other hand, sweet chocolates are made by putting in vanilla and sugar to bitter chocolates. White chocolates, however, bottle up milk solids, cocoa butter, and sugar.

The wide-ranging cocoa products including cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and cocoa liquor are extensively used in confectionaries- sometimes as fillings in different confections and sometimes as toppings in bakery products. Use of cocoa as colouring and additive agents has also become a preferred choice in the pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and cosmetics industries. Even in manufacturing toiletries, cocoa is being extensively used. This is mainly due to its enchanting aroma. Increasing application of cocoa in the last few years, in different industry verticals, is one of the major factors accountable for fueling the growth of the global cocoa market.

There are also several research works that show that consuming cocoa products or dark chocolates for seven-eight weeks at a stretch can minimize the systolic blood pressure level to a significant extent. Also, people with high blood pressure get their diastolic blood pressure level curtailed to a considerable degree.  And, considering that the cocoa is coming from plain chocolate, having cocoa might also work as a remedy for people with high blood pressure.

Now, the question remains how it actually works. Thought it’s still not proven how antioxidants might function in the body, there are evidences that they happen to cause slackening of veins. This could give way to considerably lower blood pressure. The properties in cocoa might also lessen the activity of chemicals in the body that stimulate swelling, irritation, or blockage of blood ewers.

Researches state that Cocoa, both in the form of dark chocolate and its powdered or milled form, works wonder to help bring down blood pressure. One serving of chocolate is highly recommended by experts to diminish the potential risks of stroke, heart failure, and heart attack. At the same time, presence of properties such as flavanols are known to enhance blood circulation and support improved brain function. This, in turn, becomes helpful in thwarting hormonal brain degeneration.

According to Allied Market Research, the global cocoa market is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR from 2021 to 2027. As the key ingredient used in making chocolates, the demand for cocoa has always been high. A number of surveys have been conducted and it is revealed that around forty percent of the global cocoa produced is utilized in chocolate making processes. This mounting demand for chocolates has worked as the main factor driving the growth of the global cocoa market in more than one way.


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